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what industrial robots do

what industrial robots do

what industrial robots do

industrial robots

MONITORING: Effective critical infrastructure monitoring is essential for ensuring the reliability and security of these vital systems.  With InDro’s advanced robotics technology, identify potential risks and to optimize the performance and efficiency of the infrastructure.

SECURITY: Identify potential vulnerabilities and threats to critical infrastructure such as nesting animals, trespassers and check sites including dangerous areas without the risk of sending a human into an unsafe area.

INSPECTION: Autonomous robot inspections help to identify potential issues or vulnerabilities which enables organizations to take appropriate measures to prevent them from turning into major problems.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Get the information you need to respond to a wide range of potential threats that can affect essential systems and facilities.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE:  Avoid disruptions, downtimes or failures with regularly scheduled inspections to identify and address potential issues before they become serious problems.


Industrial Robot Integration

Quickly Integrate

Based on the specific tasks and processes you want to automate with robotic technology, we research and evaluate what will best fit your needs with cost, capabilities and ease of integration in consideration.

We provide a simple integration plan for your custom robotic solution and guide you through the process so your team feels comfortable and confident with the new advanced technology.

Industrial robots

prevent problems

Robots equipped with sensors can detect early signs of potential problems, such as gas leaks, equipment malfunctions, or structural damage. By detecting these issues early, you can take corrective action before they escalate.

Deploying autonomous robots to perform routine inspections and monitoring of critical infrastructure works as a complementary tool with the human operators.

Industrial robotics

improve efficiency

Autonomous robots are programmed to perform tasks quickly and efficiently with a high level of precision and accuracy which reduces the likelihood of errors and improves efficiency.

Industrial robots can work continuously on tasks that are dangerous and repetitive, with minimal breaks, which increases overall productivity and safety.

AgileX Scout Robot


Differential steering wheeled robotics designed for demanding indoor and outdoor applications, like inspection, urban delivery or security monitoring.

AgileX Hunter Robot


Ackermann steering wheeled robotics built to drive like cars and trucks for high-speed or heavy payload autonomous driving applications.

AgileX Bunker Robot


Tracked UGV systems intended for complex outdoor environments with rugged terrain and applications that require a high payload capacity.

AgileX LIMO Robot


Multi-modal, compact and customizable ROS powered robot development platform with four steering modes, a scalable and sturdy structure.

Titan Robot


The AMR Titan features advanced ackermann steering configurations in the front and rear, enhancing maneuverability.

AgileX Ranger Robot


The Omnidirectional Drive-by-wire Chassis. Revolutionary compact design and multi-modal operation capable of handling various indoor and outdoor application scenarios.

AgileX Tracer Robot


The Drive-by-wire Chassis for indoor AGVs. Highly cost-effective development platform for indoor unmanned delivery applications.



Hardware-rich legged robots with out-of-the-box functionality, accessible software packages, dynamic movement and robust payload optionality.



Small indoor drones to large drones capable of carrying heavy payloads that can be remotely controlled or programmed to fly autonomously using software-controlled flight plans.


Research Drone

research drone

Whether mapping remote landscapes, studying wildlife behavior, conducting environmental monitoring, or carrying out academic research, our ROS based drone is perfect for advanced research and development.

Industrial Drone

indro wayfinder

Capitalize on the benefits of large, efficient props while maintaining the crisp control and unmatched precision for a drone without compromise.

Endurance Drone

indro endurance drone

Due to the small size, the endurance drone can be flown in a wider range of environments and locations than larger drones, and can also be operated by a single pilot.

drone and robot

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industrial robots

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