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Ranger is a true omnidirectional robot intended for navigating dynamic indoor and outdoor environments while carrying heavy payloads.

heavy duty robot

key benefits of ranger

indoor or outdoor

Ranger offers the advantages of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, streamlined operations, increased efficiency, adaptability, and versatile applications. It is a valuable solution for tasks that require operation in both indoor and outdoor environments, providing optimal performance and functionality across diverse settings.

strength and payload

Designed to handle substantial loads and perform tasks requiring high strength, Ranger can lift, carry, and manipulate heavy objects or equipment that may be beyond the capabilities of human operators. This capability is particularly valuable in industries such as manufacturing, construction, logistics, and mining.

improved battery life

Automatic charging provides convenience, time savings, enhanced safety, improved battery life, flexibility, and energy efficiency. It simplifies the charging process and enhances the user experience, making it a valuable feature in various applications and industries.


tech specs

robot development kits

AgileX Ranger

245mm high

Omnidirectional Robot

612mm long

Omnidirectional Robot

580mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 245 x 612 x 580mm
base weight 22kg
max payload 20kg
climbing ability <30°

speed and performance

max speed 2.7m/s
obstacle clearance 115MM
Industrial Robotics

automatic charging

Ranger has an automatic battery charging system with various components that work together to manage the charging process and protect the battery from overcharging or other potential issues that could damage the battery or reduce its lifespan.

industrial design

Industrial designed robots like Ranger offer increased efficiency, improved safety, enhanced accuracy, flexibility, and cost savings in industrial operations. They play a crucial role in automating tasks, improving productivity, and driving competitiveness in the manufacturing sector.

omnidirectional movement

This omnidirectional robot has the ability to move in any direction which allows it to navigate complex environments, maneuver in tight spaces, and perform tasks more efficiently. 

multiple load expansion

Easily integrate specialized grippers, end effectors, or robotic arms capable of simultaneous manipulation. Ranger’s control system and programming are also configured to manage and coordinate the movements and interactions with multiple loads effectively.

seamless integration with

indro and ranger

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