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When Canada’s leading team in R&D robotics and the global industry leaders in robotic chassis manufacturing come together, the applications are immeasurable.

Our partnerships with AgileX and Unitree allow us to offer a wide range of robotic chassis and solutions to meet your specific application needs.

Robots that can navigate and operate with or without direct human input using a combination of sensors, cameras, GPS, and other technologies to detect their surroundings and make decisions about how to proceed.  Meet our robotic powerhouses below.

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infrastructure monitoring

Quadruped robots have the ability to navigate through rough terrain or areas that are difficult for wheeled or tracked robots to access. They can also be designed to have a high degree of mobility and agility, allowing them to climb over obstacles or move through narrow spaces.

Unitree Go1

go1 edu

The GO1 EDU robot is a high performance, lower cost quadruped designed to be used in classrooms and educational settings.

Unitree Go2 EDU Quadruped

go2 edu

The Go2 EDU quadruped is a cutting-edge robot designed to revolutionize the way we interact with technology.

unitree b1


The B1 robot has the characteristics of all-weather operation, strong load and expansion space, multi-dimensional perception, full scene coverage, strong computing power and accurate insights.

B2 Robot


A resilient and high-performance quadruped, the B2 robot is built to excel. Boasting an IP67 rating and substantial load-bearing capacity, this full-sized quadruped effortlessly maneuvers through various conditions and terrain.

tracked robots

infrastructure monitoring

Robots with tracks are particularly useful for outdoor applications, such as agriculture, mining, and exploration, where they need to move through mud, sand, and other challenging terrain.

AgileX Bunker Robot


The Tracked Differential Drive-by-wire Chassis. Outstanding off-road and heavy-duty performance in challenging terrain environments.

AgileX Bunker Mini Robot

bunker mini

A small-size,off road and industrial leading IP67 protection tracked mobile robot chassis for challenging, narrow working environments.

AgileX Bunker Pro Robot

bunker pro

A high-precision drive-by-wire mobile robot chassis development platform, which boasts superb off-road performance and high-level IP67.

wheeled robots

autonomous robots

Robots with tracks are particularly useful for outdoor applications, such as agriculture, mining, and exploration, where they need to move through mud, sand, and other challenging terrain.

AgileX LIMO Robot


Multi-modal, compact and customizable ROS powered robot development platform with four steering modes, a scalable and sturdy structure.

AgileX Scout Robot


Differential steering wheeled robotics designed for demanding indoor and outdoor applications, like inspection, urban delivery or security monitoring.

AgileX Hunter Robot


Ackermann steering wheeled robotics built to drive like cars and trucks for high-speed or heavy payload autonomous driving applications.

AgileX Ranger Robot


True omnidirectional steering robot intended for navigating dynamic indoor and outdoor environments while carrying heavy payloads.

AgileX Tracer Robot


A drive-by-wire chassis for indoor AGVs. Highly cost-effective development platform for unmanned delivery and logistics applications.

AMR Titan Robot


The AMR Titan features advanced ackermann steering configurations in the front and rear, enhancing maneuverability.

r&d integration kit

autonomous robots

Robot Development Kit

Quickly customize your own robotics solution using the InDro Commander. A single box with critical software and hardware designed to simplify payload integration and enable turn-key teleoperations.

Start using your robot instead of troubleshooting it by adding our solution to a platform of your choice to save time, money and frustration.

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