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bunker pro

BUNKER Pro is a heavy duty robot that boasts superb off-road performance and high-level IP67. The multi advanced suspension systems and reinforced shock absorbers bring it a unique anti-collision design to tackle challenging real-world terrains.

heavy duty robot bunker pro

key benefits of bunker pro

off-road performance

Heavy duty robots are well-suited for off-road operations. Bunker Pro can traverse obstacles such as rocks, mud, sand, or even stairs. It has the ability to maintain traction and distribute weight over a larger surface area which enables them to handle rugged terrains effectively.

strength and payload

Designed to handle substantial loads and perform tasks requiring high strength, Bunker Pro can lift, carry, and manipulate heavy objects or equipment that may be beyond the capabilities of human operators. This capability is particularly valuable in industries such as manufacturing, construction, logistics, and mining.

easily maneuverable

Although Bunker Pro is a heavy duty robot, it can rotate on the spot by driving the tracks in opposite directions, enabling them to turn within a tight radius. This maneuverability is ideal in confined spaces or when precise positioning is required. The tracks allow it to move with agility, precision, and control.

tech specs

robot development kits

Heavy Duty Robot

473mm high

AgileX Bunker Pro

1064mm long

Heavy Duty Robot

845mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 1064 x 845 x 473mm
(excluding antenna)
base weight 180kg
max payload 120kg
climbing ability 30° (no payload)

speed and performance

max speed 0~1.5M/S
runtime 3h
obstacle clearance 180MM
Industrial Robotics

accessible hardware interfaces

Enterprises, academia and research developers can easily develop autonomous robot applications in complex environments, such as inspections, exploration, EOD, video shooting, unmanned transportation and more.

advanced suspension system

The highly flexible Bunker Pro has a very low center of gravity, when equipped with the 1500W dual-motor drive, it demonstrates super-strong performance in obstacle crossing and climbing.  The independent suspension system and heavy duty shock absorption ensures a smooth drive on tough terrains.

fully upgraded system

Bunker Pro has a high level ingress protection design for its structure, materials, external electrical components, and anti-collision stell exterior and a load capacity of up to 120KG.  This heavy duty robot can be fitted for various inspection and mapping equipment.

expandable load for development

Easily integrate third-part sensors, IMU and more to quickly build the robotic applications through the CAN protocol.

seamless integration with

indro and bunker pro

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