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InDro Pilot enables drone operations over 4G and 5G, meaning you could pilot a drone from across the country (providing you have a visual observer with eyes on the flight or a Beyond Visual Line of Sight Special Flight Operations Certificate). It also enables the secure transmission of highly dense data directly to the ground or the cloud with minimal latency. No more pulling out MicroSD cards and waiting for uploads. Realtime data, while you’re flying the mission, sent where it’s required. 5G drone

5G drone

key benefits of pilot

control a drone from anywhere

Controlling a drone over an LTE network provides extended range, reliable connectivity, wide area mobility, improved quality of service, enhanced security, and redundancy. These advantages enable more versatile and robust drone operations, making LTE a suitable option for various applications, including aerial inspections, public safety, industrial monitoring, and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

real time data transmission

With the Jetson edge processor, a drone equipped with pilot can process sensor data, imagery, and video streams in real-time on-board. This enables immediate analysis and decision-making based on the captured data, reducing latency and enabling faster response to changing environmental conditions or mission requirements.

Wide Area Mobility

LTE network capabilities enable drone control from virtually anywhere within the network coverage area. This means you can control the drone while moving, such as from a moving vehicle or a remote location. This flexibility opens up possibilities for applications like mobile surveillance, aerial journalism, or real-time monitoring in dynamic environments.


drone delivery



drone inspection and monitoring



Industrial Robotics

A high-speed Quectel modem

Integrating a high-speed Quectel modem into a drone expands its communication capabilities, enhances data transmission, and enables efficient remote control and monitoring. These features can be beneficial for various applications, including remote sensing, delivery services, infrastructure inspection, and emergency response, where reliable and high-speed connectivity is crucial.

powerful interface

InDro Pilot is an entire ecosystem for 4G and 5G drone operations, including complex missions involving LiDAR, thermal sensors – even winches. The user interface reflects that, with “modules” (ie winch, etc.) that can be added to customize for each mission.

A Jetson-based Edge processor

The jetson-based edge processor offers significant computational power, AI capabilities, and real-time data processing, enabling advanced autonomy, computer vision, and on-board decision-making. It enhances the drone’s capabilities, expands the range of possible applications, and promotes efficient and intelligent operation in various fields.

minimal latency

By minimizing latency, a drone can better perceive and react to changes in its surroundings, navigate swiftly, and perform tasks with improved accuracy and precision. It enhances the overall user experience, improves system performance, and enables applications that demand high-speed and time-critical operations.

seamless integration with

indro pilot

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