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Imagine a single drone that can transform the way you spray your farm and the way we fight fires. The AGRAS T40 is here to redefine agricultural and drone-assisted emergency response, offering a powerful and intelligent solution for spraying, spreading, and mapping. With its massive payload capacity and cutting-edge technology, the T40 drone lets you work smarter, not harder, for increased efficiency, productivity and yield.

key advantages of the agras t40

payload capacity

The AGRAS T40 drone features a coaxial twin rotor design, delivering a 30% increase in payload capacity. This allows the T40 drone to carry an impressive maximum payload of 50 kg, empowering you to tackle larger jobs and cover more ground in a single flight.  The foldable design reduces its size by a remarkable 70%, making it easy to transport and store between operations.

spraying system

The Magnetic Drive Impeller Pump safeguards the drone by separating pesticides from the motor, making it corrosion-proof and ultra durable. For optimal application, the Dual Atomized Centrifugal Sprinkler generates uniform droplets at 12 L/min, maximizing coverage while minimizing waste. It also features a centrifugal valve that prevents leakage and over-fertilization, reducing pesticide use and protecting the environment.

Mapping, spraying and spreading

The AGRAS T40 drone combines mapping, spraying and spreading functions, while its UHD camera and adjustable gimbal enable easy capture of your desired view. Images can be captured in real time, and local maps can be generated using the remote controller with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station. The system detects land boundaries and obstacles automatically, for quicker planning of flight routes.

Robustly tested for ultimate reliability

The core components are designed to withstand complex and harsh environments. They have passed a series of rigorous tests such as corrosion prevention, high and low temperature, and aging tests, to ensure peace of mind for the user.

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