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The Drones and Advanced Robotics Testing and Training facility (DARTT Zone) enables developers to evaluate the performance, reliability, and safety of their robotic and drone systems.

This facility plays a critical role in advancing the development and adoption of robotics and drone technologies, by providing a space for rigorous testing and training in a controlled environment.

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drones and advanced robotics

advanced robotics

The DARTT Zone is a designated outdoor area at the private Area X.O R&D facility consisting of varied surfaces, such as gravel, sand, and water, ramps, sidewalks and other objects that abide by the National Institute of Standard Technologies (NIST), providing a challenging environment for testing ground robots and their operators.

This will allow organizations to test and evaluate how ground robotic devices handle mixed terrain and different weather and test specialized capabilities such as autonomous detect-and-avoid (DAA) technology and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). The Zone also includes a netted enclosure for the safe testing of drone failure scenarios as well as a NIST training course designed to improve precision piloting and gimbal skills.

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DARTT Zone clients can access Basic and Advanced RPAS Certification. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to safely operate their drones in compliance with Transport Canada regulations. Flight Reviews (required for Advanced RPAS Certification) are offered on-site. Here at InDro, we have a long and respected tradition of providing training to drone professionals in adherence with Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).  We have a deep experience instructing Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Search and Rescue teams, and will soon be adding specialized instruction for more complex drone operations, along with Micro-Credential courses.

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transport canada approved drone pilot training

certification and validation

Learn from one of Canada’s most experienced drone pilot instructors with instantly available, online training for all experience levels.  Become a certified drone pilot through our partner company, Flyy where you will get the knowledge, confidence and skill to have more fun and make more money with your drone.

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