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Our robotics partners and sister companies allow us to pool resources and expertise to fill gaps in the robotics industry and create a stronger team overall.  They also allow InDro to speed up the development process by allowing each partner to focus on their area of expertise which can lead to faster prototyping, testing and commercialization of products.

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An intuitive and collaborative platform for drone-based data.  Easily produce accurate and shareable aerial data, quickly and consistently. Collaborate with your team and stakeholders like never before.

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Area X.O Ottawa

Area X.O operated by Invest Ottawa, is a research and development complex that helps accelerate time-to-market and commercial adoption of next-gen technology. 


Nokia is a B2B technology innovation leader in networking, bringing together the world’s people, machines and devices to realize the potential of digital in every industry.



Ericsson is one of the largest companies in the telecommunications industry, with operations in over 180 countries. The company’s products and services include mobile and fixed networks, 5G infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, managed services, and IoT platforms.


Flyy Drone Training

Learn from one of Canada’s most experienced drone pilot instructors with instantly available, online training for all experience levels.

AgileX Robotics

Founded in 2016, AgileX Robotics is a leading mobile robot chassis and customized unmanned driving solution provider with a vision to enable all industries to improve productivity and efficiency through robot technology. 


Unitree Robotics is a world-renowned robotics company focusing on independent research and development, production and sales of consumer-grade and industry-grade high-performance quadruped robots and dexterous robotic arms. 



Building on their research success creating their GasMap© and FluxCurtain© gas measurement methodologies, Aerometrix was formed in 2019 to offer commercial, aerial gas measurement surveys and audits. 

Hitec Drones

Engineered to effortlessly conquer the most demanding challenges, HiTec offers a variety of unmanned platforms, integrated ground control station and progressive mapping and data acquisition solutions.


Drone Deploy

A cloud-based drone mapping and data analytics platform that enables businesses to capture and analyze aerial data. The platform provides a range of tools for planning and executing drone flights, as well as processing and analyzing the resulting data.


Freefly Drones

Freefly is a company that specializes in creating professional-grade camera stabilization systems for drones. Their products are designed to provide smooth and stable footage by reducing camera shake and vibrations, allowing users to capture high-quality shots.

DJI Drones

DJI is a technology company that specializes in manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones. DJI is one of the leading companies in the drone industry and is known for its high-quality drones with advanced features and capabilities.

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