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We aim to leverage the latest advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to unlock the full potential of unmanned systems, enabling our customers to achieve their goals faster, safer, and more sustainably than ever before.

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To expand the responsible use of unmanned robotic R&D technology into viable sectors by working with clients to identify and deliver best-use service, products and training.

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To revolutionize the way industries operate by providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety while reducing costs and environmental impact.

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Delivering tomorrow’s innovations today with state of the art industrial security and defense solutions through advanced robotics and automation.

canadian robotics

Industrial robots

canadian robotics

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The InDro A-Team, our research-oriented mindset, regulatory advantages and swift execution has allowed us to work with many notable clients, some are listed below.

Transport Canada
NASA Robots
Geoscience BC
Vancouver Aquarium
Carnegie Mellon University Robotics
NRC Canada
Calgary Robotics
BC Ministry of Agriculture
BC Institute of Technology
Emergency Management Victoria
Polytechnique Montreal
Boston University

Area x.o and indro robotics

Drone and Advanced Robotics Testing and Training (DARTT Zone)

A designated outdoor area at the private Area X.O R&D facility consisting of varied surfaces, such as gravel, sand, water, ramps, sidewalks and other objects that abide by the National Institute of Standard Technologies (NIST), providing a challenging environment for testing pilots and advancing drone and robot capabilities.  The new facility at Area X.O is the first of its kind in Canada. With instruction provided by InDro Robotics, it will harness the capabilities and infrastructure of Area X.O, and create an entirely new resource for Canadian innovators and companies in a year-round setting.

The DARTT Zone will allow organizations to test and evaluate how aerial and ground robotic devices handle mixed terrain and different weather.  It will allow the testing of specialized capabilities such as autonomous detect-and-avoid (DAA) technology and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). The Zone also includes a netted enclosure for the safe testing of drone failure scenarios. 

Interested in testing or training at the DARTT Zone?

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Industrial Robotics

the indro a-team

canada robotics

Meet the talented dream team of leaders, engineers, pilots, and customer service reps that make InDro Robotics the industry leader in robotics R&D.

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Philip Reece


President and CEO

Philip Reece

peter king

Vice President

George Peat

george peat


George Peat

nigel fisher

Senior Advisor

Canada Innovators

irina saczuk rn, bscn

Operations Manager

Philip Reece

bob kobierski

Engineering Manager

Engineers Canada

arron griffiths

Engineering Manager

George Peat

terry currell

UAV Pilot

George Peat

kate klassen

Commerical Pilot and Flight Instructor

Drone Pilots Canada

dr. eric saczuk

Flight Ops

Philip Reece

scott simmie

Chief Content Editor

Philip Reece

brian fentiman

Law Enforcement Division

Canadian Robotics Companies

luke corbeth

Account Executive

Canada Drone Companies

panfei gu

Supply Chain Manager

George Peat

Carli parkinson

Marketing Manager

Philip Reece

stacey connors

Head of Strategic Innovations

Philip Reece

peter sherk

Electronics Engineer

Robotics companies in canada

kaiwen xu

Systems Engineer

Canada Robotics Companies

liam dwyer

Co-Op Engineer

Robotics companies in canada

stephan tzolov

Production Engineer

Robotics companies in canada

arif anjum

Robotics Software Engineer

Robotics companies in canada

ujas patel

Junior Technologist

Drone companies in canada

tirth gajera


Drone companies in canada

nirali patel

Technical Support Specialist

Drone companies in canada

liliia tashnik

Junior Logistics Coordinator

Drone engineer

chase westlake

Junior Robotics Drone Engineer


Nahed Moawad

Office Administrator

Jeff Kim

Jeff Kim

Robotics Engineer

George Peat


Food and Health Inspector

Does working on innovative technology designed and tailored to change the world pique your interest? Join the industry-leading dream team that is InDro Robotics today.

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