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Engineering and operations centered around innovation in autonomous robots and drones to enable complex operations, data collection, surveillance, and delivery services. We make difficult work easier and more efficient with innovative robotics.

autonomous robots and drones

Industrial Robotics
autonomous robots

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We support early-stage robotics and drone technology by providing the resources, expertise, funding and guidance to develop products that solve real world problems.

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Robotics for education

When it comes to developing with UGVs, we make it simple and accessible.  Our platforms are designed to empower development by providing the computational power, ROS packages, payloads and functionality for your project.

custom built robots

robotics development

We design, build, test, and refine robotic systems for various applications by combining our expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and artificial intelligence.

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robotics service provider

We offer a range of robotic services to ensure that your robotic systems are functioning properly and efficiently, helping your organization achieve your automation goals.

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InDro Robotics is Canada’s leading team in R&D Robotic Systems used for complex missions and environments, including Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) – both nationally and internationally.  

autonomous robots and drones

drones canada
Industrial robots
Industrial robots

canadian robotics

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our clients

The InDro A-Team, our research-oriented mindset, regulatory advantages and swift execution has allowed us to work with many notable clients, some are listed below.

Transport Canada
NASA Robots
Geoscience BC
Vancouver Aquarium
Carnegie Mellon University Robotics
NRC Canada
Calgary Robotics
BC Ministry of Agriculture
BC Institute of Technology
Emergency Management Victoria
Polytechnique Montreal
Boston University

frequently asked questions

Do you manufacture your robots and drones?

InDro Robotics serves as a manufacturer, integrator and distributor of unmanned systems. Right now on the ground, these systems include unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) from AgileX Robotics with our InDro Commander integration. This also includes quadrupeds (legged robots) from Unitree Robotics and our InDro Backpack integration. In the air, we can distribute UAVs from many manufacturers and/or integrate our InDro Pilot technology to enable real-time data transfer (over 5G) for BVLOS missions and onboard processing for autonomous missions.

Are your robots autonomous?

Our robots can be autonomous with the right integrations. For unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), our InDro Commander technology enables the robot to have local compute, be teleoperations-enabled and/or autonomy-ready. After these hardware integrations, InDro Robotics can provide documentation and assistance to support your own development of autonomy software or provide a user-friendly version of our own autonomy software for commercial applications. The same is applicable to our drones with our InDro Pilot technology. For the quadrupeds, they come pre-equipped with the hardware required to enable development of a SLAM-based autonomy, but can be outfitted with the InDro Backpack to enable teleoperations and GPS-based autonomy.

How do you work with research & development entities?

The InDro Robotics sales team is well equipped to discuss the technical requirements of a given research and development project and identify the optimal platform and integrations specific to the use case or application. Our team is capable of working within your budget in accordance with your funding requirements and timeline. InDro Robotics will also collaborate with academia, industry and governments on joint-projects.

How many versions of the Commander are there?

There are 3 standard versions of the InDro Commander, but it can always be customized to meet specific requirements or leverage existing hardware owned by the client. The standard versions include the InDro Commander Standard (local compute-ready), InDro Commander Connect (4G/5G teleoperations-ready) and InDro Commander Navigate (GPS & SLAM autonomy-ready).

How do I know which platform is best for my application?

The InDro Robotics sales team leverages experience from past clients and real-world deployments to recommend the optimal platform based on a variety of factors like: form factor, steering type, battery life, payload capacity, suspension, IP rating, tire/tread type, speed and more.

Why buy from a distributor instead of the manufacturer directly?

When purchasing from a distributor you end up paying less, experience lower lead times and get local support on the products you purchase. If the product originates overseas, the manufacturer will offer DAP shipping terms, so you will pay for importation and assume liability for the products being shipped to you. Often times, this means you deal with the headache of tracking the package, answering questions from your procurement department and it complicates budgeting as you end up paying more than quoted. Additionally, all integrations available through InDro Robotics that are typically required to outfit your robot for the application are not available through the manufacturer.

Why purchase an InDro Kit (Commander, Backpack, Pilot) instead of doing the integrations ourselves?

Time. Robotics is challenging enough without needing to tinker with and troubleshoot the hardware; the InDro Kits come fully integrated with ROS/ROS2 and documentation to jump-start any research project. Compared to traditional “kits”, ours can be customized to only include the hardware (compute, cameras, sensors, etc.) that you don’t already have available to you as it can be shipped to us for integration or we can support your own integration remotely. Either way, your hardware will be protected in our sealed box and metal work while remaining accessible for expansion.

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