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indro commander

Quickly customize your own robotics solution using the InDro Commander. A single box with critical software and hardware designed to simplify payload integration and enable turn-key teleoperations. teleoperated robots

robot development kit

key benefits of commander

platform agnostic

Where there are diverse robot platforms or when the robot platform may change or evolve over time, this platform agnostic solution is the answer. It allows developers to focus on the core functionality of their application rather than worrying about platform-specific intricacies, enabling faster development, easier maintenance, and broader accessibility of their software across different devices or systems.

quickly customize your own robotics

InDro Commander is designed to allow developers to quickly customize their own robotic solution. The following are common additions that can be easily added to any Commander-controlled robotic system: LiDAR (2D/3D), IP65+ Ratings, PTZ Camera, Thermal Cameras, Wireless Charging, IMU, RTK.

flexibility and scalability

The modular design allows end-users to seamlessly upgrade platforms in the future by removing Commander from the old system and bolting it onto the new one. Additional modules or subsystems can be added to enhance functionality or increase capability, while unnecessary modules can be removed to optimize performance or reduce complexity. This allows for efficient resource allocation and future expansion as requirements evolve.


tech specs

robot development kits

Robot Development Kit

211mm high

Platform Agnostic Robot Kit

396mm long

Robot Development Kit

411mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 396 x 411 x 211mm
base weight 6.5kg
box material aluminum
mounting configuration DIN Rail (x2)


compatibility platform agnostic
airflow vented multi-fan system
waterproof ports USB, Ethernet
ingress protection ip54
Industrial Robotics

Plug and play sensor and end effector

Easily connect or disconnect sensors and end effectors to a robot without the need for complex integration or configuration. InDro Commander is designed to be interchangeable and compatible with various systems, allowing for flexibility and ease of use.

Industry standard Robot Operating System (ROS)

Commander includes access to the collection of software libraries and tools with the standard ROS that enable developers to build and control robots effectively.

Browser - based console

Commander uses browser-based console for immediate teleoperations that allows remote operators to control and interact with a robot using a web browser. This provides a convenient and accessible way to remotely monitor and control the robot without requiring specialized software installations or configurations.

high-speed USB ports, Ethernet, network connectivity

By incorporating high-speed USB ports, Ethernet, and network connectivity, Commander can interact with a wide range of external devices, sensors, and networks. These features enable robots to exchange data, receive commands, and access external resources, expanding their capabilities and enabling integration into larger systems or networks.

seamless integration with

indro commander

InDro Robotics UAVs and UGVs

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