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We provide a full-range of unmanned aerial and ground robotics services with a range of mission-specific sensor packages to address the unique needs of our clients.

Our team of expert drone and manned aviation pilots, PhD’s, GIS/IT professionals, engineers, and other specialists are key to deploying effective unmanned services – along with a network of partners designed to further compliment our in-house skill set.

robotics services

Industrial Robotics
Inventory Management System

custom built


robotics services

Designed and built to meet your specific needs or requirements for specific tasks and functions. Custom robots can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, and agriculture.  Custom drones can be used in a variety of applications as well, including agriculture, surveying, and search and rescue operations.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements, then we use our expertise to design and build machines that are made to perform.

train with robotics and drones

drone and advanced robotics testing and training zone  (DARTT)

robotic innovations

A specialized facility designed to provide a safe and controlled environment for testing and training with robotic and drone technologies. This facility enables developers to evaluate the performance, reliability, and safety of their robotic and drone systems.

The robot and drone testing and training facility plays a critical role in advancing the development and adoption of robotics and drone technologies, by providing a space for rigorous testing and training in a controlled environment.


Accurate Aerial Surveying

Combining high spatial, spectral, and radiometric mapping cameras with real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning and automated ground control points (GCP), InDro Robotics fully prepared to address your high precision mapping project, large or small.

Detailed Industrial Inspections

Whether the requirement is to inspect a cell tower, create a digital twin of a  bridge, detect defects in solar panels, or carry out an AI-powered inspection of a Boeing 737 , we have the right people, skills, and tools to get the job done. Our highly experienced team will help you choose the right payload and aircraft for the specific operation to ensure deliverables that exceed your expectations.

Forestry, Agriculture & Conservation

InDro has been involved in cutting edge precision farming initiatives using RPAS for nearly a decade. Incorporating visible, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, and thermal sensors with subject matter experts from industry and academia, we will customize a tailored solution for your forestry, agriculture or conservation challenges.

Industrial Robotics
Drone Pilot Canada

hire our


  • Basic and advanced training
  • Professional Flight Reviews
  • Extended permission in North America, including Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS)

  • Flights completed in complex airspace and over people

  • Stellar safety record

  • Experienced, market-leading pilots

  • Speed and accuracy for drone missions

transport canada approved

certification and validation

Learn from one of Canada’s most experienced drone pilot instructors with instantly available, online training for all experience levels.  Become a certified drone pilot through our partner company, Flyy where you will get the knowledge, confidence and skill to have more fun and make more money with your drone.

Industrial Robotics



InDro Robotics is developing courses to fill or create the following job roles:


  1. Geomatics professional and/or surveyor
  2. Aerial geospatial analyst for forestry, mining, construction and conservation sectors
  3. Thermal building envelope consultant
  4. Roof inspection specialist
  5. Aerial wildlife tracking technician

New Jobs

  1. Telecommunications 3D cell signal planner
  2. Precision agriculture consultant
  3. Aerial infrastructure inspector (wind turbines, solar panels, towers, bridges, buildings, aircraft, etc.)
  4. RPAS surveillance operator
  5. Anti-drone operations advisor

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