hunter 2.0

Hunter 2.0 is an AgileX robot designed for low-speed autonomous driving scenarios. It leverages front-wheel Ackerman steering and rocker suspension to cope with obstacles along its way. The new-generation power system offers better payload capacity and longer endurance. 

autonomous driving

key benefits of hunter 2.0

high payload capacity

The payload capacity with Hunter 2.0 enhances efficiency, versatility, worker safety, precision, and system integration. It handles heavy objects with ease, contributing to increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved working conditions.

high endurance scenarios

The car-like structure and low tire wear, combined with the independent front-wheel steering and rocker suspension make it possible for Hunter 2.0 to pass over speed bumps with ease and make it perfect for high-endurance scenarios.

adaptable and scalable

The modular robot design allows for easy reconfiguration and reassembly, enabling the robot to transform based on the specific requirements of a given task. This adaptability makes Hunter 2.0 highly versatile and capable of performing a wide range of functions.

tech specs

robot development kits

Ackermann Steering Robot

310mm high

Ackermann Steering Robot

820mm long

Ackermann Steering Wheeled Robots

640mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 980 × 745 x 380mm
base weight 65-72KG
max payload 100Payload (Standard)
80KG Payload (Optional)
climbing ability <10° (with loading)

speed and performance

max speed 10km/hr
runtime 2-3 hours
obstacle clearance 100mm
Industrial Robotics

Customized Chassis

The HUNTER 2.0 battery pack is lithium iron phosphate-based, offering flexible configuration to meet your task-based capacity needs. Custom- ized speed planning up to 10km/h is available to meet the needs in various autonomous driving scenarios and support a wide set of use cases
for industrial-grade robotics.

safe power-off parking

The slope parking feature in Hunter 2.0 allows a reliable standstill on a slope, thanks to the well-designed drive train. If there was a power outage or failure of the vehicle while navigating sloped terrains, wheels will be locked in place without slipping off to ensure stable and reliable safety performance.

new power system

Hunter 2.0 has an all-steel body, 400w dual servo motor drive, independent front wheel steering and robust, precisely controlled power system to support smooth running, whether indoors or outdoors.

Multiple-load expansion

Hunter 2.0 can be customized for a variety of advanced operation modes. Users can communicate with the main control through CAN bus protocol.

seamless integration with

indro and hunter 2.0

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