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bunker mini

Bunker Mini is a small UGV for off road, challenging and narrow working environments. It can effectively prevent the ingress of sand, dust and water.

small UGV

key benefits of bunker mini

off-road performance

Bunker Mini can effectively prevent the ingress of sand, dust and
water so it’s perfect challenging environments. This small UGV has outstanding off-road performance in small spaces both indoor and outdoor.

small space operation

The compact size of Bunker Mini makes it more agile and maneuverable than larger ones, allowing it to navigate tight spaces and perform tasks in confined environments.

adaptable and scalable

Small UGVs can be easily replicated and deployed in multiples to scale up operations as needed. They can work together in coordinated ways, allowing for increased efficiency and productivity. This scalability makes them adaptable to changing requirements and enables flexible automation solutions.

tech specs

robot development kits

Small UGV

281mm high

Small UGV

660mm long

AgileX Bunker Mini

584mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 660 x 584 x 281MM
base weight 54.8kg
max payload 25kg
climbing ability 30° (no payload)

speed and performance

max speed 0~1.5M/S
obstacle clearance 115MM
Industrial Robotics

small but strong

The Bunker Mini has a simplified modular structure to achieve a super compact size with an impressive maximum payload of 25KG.  This small UGV is ready to be loaded with all kinds of inspection equipment and pick-and-place manipulators.

compact body size

Benefiting from a compact sized body, strong off road climbing and the onsite zero turn function, this small UGV has extended the applications of robots in small spaces and tough terrains, including waterways, mines, pipelines, box culverts, power stations, field computer rooms, etc.

expandable load for development

Easily integrate third-party sensors, IMU and more with Bunker Mini to quickly build the robotic applications through the CAN protocol, as well as easy to access power.

seamless integration with

indro and bunker mini

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