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b1 robot

Durable, high performance quadrupeds. With its IP68 rating and large load capacity, this full-size quadruped is capable of navigating dangerous, and underwater, real-world environments with ease. The powerful internal hardware enables the potential for potent commercial functionality.

b1 robot quadruped

key benefits of b1 robot

increased range of motion

The flexible and adaptable joints in B1 provide advantages such as increased range of motion, energy efficiency, impact absorption, terrain adaptation, obstacle negotiation, and dynamic stability. This enables it to navigate diverse environments, perform complex tasks, and maintain stability and efficiency.

all-weather operations

B1 is a quadruped with all-weather operation capabilities which offers benefits such as environmental adaptability, robustness, increased operational availability, improved safety and performance, versatile applications, and reduced human exposure to hazards. These advantages make it a valuable asset for various industries and applications that require reliable and versatile robotic systems in challenging or unpredictable weather conditions.

strong and expandable

The B1 quadruped is a versatile and adaptable robotic system that can be customized to suit specific application needs. The expansion space with B1 enables it to extend its functionality beyond its basic locomotion capabilities. By integrating additional modules or equipment, it can perform a wider range of tasks, such as manipulation, inspection, surveillance, or data collection.


tech specs

robot development kits


636mm high

Quadrupeds Canada

1126mm long


467mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 1126 x 467 x 636m
base weight 50kg
max payload 80kg standing, 20kg continuous walking
climbing ability 30°

speed and performance

max speed 1.2m/s
runtime 2h
obstacle clearance 450mm
Industrial Robotics

ip68 rated

B1 robot is a quadruped that has an IP68 rating, it is highly resistant to both dust and water, making it suitable for use in harsh or challenging environments.

high payload

Having a high payload capacity provides the ability to handle heavy loads which opens up possibilities for a wide range of applications across various industries. It improves productivity, efficiency, and safety in tasks that involve heavy lifting, material handling, research, exploration, or specialized operations.

enhanced depth perception

With 5 sets of depth cameras, B1 can capture depth information from different viewpoints and angles. This enables a more comprehensive and accurate perception of the 3D structure of the environment, leading to improved depth estimation and reconstruction.

strong compute power

The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX in B1 is a powerful edge computing system-on-module designed for AI and computer vision applications. It offers significant compute power in a small form factor.

seamless integration with

indro and the b1 robot

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