scout 2.0

Scout 2.0 is a differential steering wheeled robot designed for demanding indoor and outdoor applications. It has a remolded structure design and newly upgraded cooling system and safety systems. The compact design has independent suspension that can adapt to various rugged paths; the zero turning radius can easily control the narrow environment; and the standardized protocols facilitate rapid secondary development.

industrial robotics

key benefits of scout 2.0


Compared to larger and more complex robotic systems, the Scout 2.0 robot offers a cost-effective solution. Its smaller size and simpler design reduces production and maintenance costs, making it accessible for a wider range of applications and organizations.

safe and efficient

By deploying the Scout 2.0 robot in hazardous or potentially dangerous environments, human safety can be improved. The robot can enter areas with risks of chemical exposure, fires, structural collapses, and other safety hazards to keep human workers safe.

durable and robust

Scout 2.0 is built to withstand various environmental conditions and physical stress. It is designed with rugged materials and protective casings, making it resistant to impacts, dust, water, and other challenging conditions. This durability ensures the robot’s longevity and reliability during missions.

scout 2.0 technical drawings

Scout 2.0

349mm high

Scout 2.0

930mm long

Scout 2.0

699mm wide

scout 2.0 specifications

Dimensions 930L x 699W x 349H mm
IEC Ingress Rating  IP22 (IP44 & IP64 optional)
Weight  68kg
Payload Capacity  50kg
Top Speed  1.5km/h
Runtime  Up to 8h
Charging Time  3.5h (30Ah) / 7h (60Ah)
Operational Temperature Range  -10°C-40°C
Max Climbing Grade  30° (full payload)
Obstacle Clearance  150mm
Ground Clearance  135mm
Drive Motor  2500 Lines Magnetic Incremental Encoder
Battery  24V 30Ah (24v 60Ah optional) Lithium
Communication Interface  CAN Bus
Steering  Differential
AgileX Scout 2.0
AgileX Scout
AgileX Scout 2.0
AgileX Scout 2.0

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