scout mini

Scout Mini is an all-terrain high-speed UGV with four-wheel differential drive, independent suspension, in-situ differential rotation and other features. This small robot is a versatile platform designed for various industrial tasks. It is equipped with advanced technologies and features that enable it to navigate different environments and gather essential information.

small robot

key benefits of scout mini

quick deployment

The Scout Mini robot can be quickly deployed in various situations, allowing for rapid response and assessment. Its compact size and lightweight design facilitate swift transportation and setup, enabling efficient operations and reducing response times.

maneuverable and versatile

The compact size of the Scout Mini robot enables it to navigate through tight spaces and challenging terrains. It can access areas that may be difficult for larger robots or humans to reach, making it highly maneuverable and versatile.

Stealthy Operations

The small robot size allows it to operate discreetly and quietly, making it suitable for stealthy surveillance operations. It can go unnoticed in sensitive areas, providing valuable intelligence without alerting potential threats.

tech specs

robot development kits

Small Robot Scout Mini

345mm high

Small Robot

612mm long

AgileX Small Robots

580mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 612 x 580 x 245mm
base weight 23kg
max payload 20Kg (Standard Wheel),  50Kg (Mecanum Wheel)
climbing ability <30°

speed and performance

max speed 10km/h (Standard Wheel), 5km/h (Mecanum Wheel)
runtime 10km
obstacle clearance 115mm
Industrial Robotics

compact and versatile

The compact design of Scout Mini allows it to maneuver through tight spaces, including narrow corridors, staircases, and other challenging terrains.  As a small robot, it is light and flexible but still has the powerful performance of the AgileX Scout series.

Multiple-load Expansion

The Scout platform is focused on its own control, and can be customized for advanced operation mode. Users can communicate with the main control through CAN bus protocol, and the open source SDK and ROS_ PACKAGE are also provided.

modular design

Scout Mini is designed to be modular, allowing for customization and the addition of various payloads or accessories. This flexibility enables the small robot to adapt to different scenarios, such as carrying additional sensors, tools, or communication equipment.

navigation and mapping

Scout Mini is equipped with a combination of sensors, including cameras, LIDAR, and ultrasonic sensors. These sensors enable the Scout Mini to perceive its surroundings, build a map of the environment, and autonomously navigate through obstacles.

seamless integration with

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