tracer 200

The Tracer 200 robot is a robust and intelligent AMR with advanced cargo transportation capabilities and a smart path planning system. It comes with LiDAR, depth cameras, anti-collision bumpers, and other sensors for autonomous navigation, depth perception, and obstacle avoidance.

tracer high speed AGV

AgileX Tracer Robot

key benefits of tracer 200

easy to operate

The easy-to-use tablet, PC, and vehicle interfaces minimize the learning curve and helps operators focus on the mission at hand, whether it’s surveillance, data collection, or any other application for which the tracer robot is deployed.

stable and safe

The 360-degree safe detection range is a powerful and versatile tool that combines safety, surveillance, and adaptability. This capability is crucial for ensuring the robot’s ability to operate effectively in complex and dynamic environments while keeping human operators informed and in control of the situation.

payload capacity

With a high payload capacity of 200 kg, Tracer can efficiently handle tasks in manufacturing workshops, warehouses, and logistics sorting facilities.


size and weight

dimensions 500mm X 800mm X 250mm
base weight 90kg
max payload 200kg
climbing ability

speed and performance

max speed 1.5m/s
battery life >8h
navigation mode Autonomous Navigation based on LiDAR
Industrial Robotics

Two-Wheel Differential

As a two-wheel differential AGV, Tracer 200 has unique advantages with indoor transportation. The small and flexible structure enables it to freely shuttle in various indoor environments and the single handling efficiency has great advantages because of the high payload capacity in combination with the strong power.

flat design

The flat design of Tracer brings extreme carrying capacity. The two-wheel drive puts the universal wheels in motion with the differential rotation and it can freely move in an indoor environment. It is additionally equipped with swing arm independent suspension which allows Tracer to easily overcome small obstacles.

seamless integration with

indro and Tracer 200

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