The AMR Titan features advanced ackermann steering configurations in the front and rear, enhancing maneuverability. Thanks to the Titan’s adaptive front swing arms and rear shock absorbers, it effectively increases ground load, leading to improved stability, driving performance, and cornering ability. Even on challenging surfaces like wet, slick, loose, uneven terrain, or steep hills, Titan maintains stability and provides smooth acceleration. Its easily accessible and portable dual-sided battery compartment facilitates swift battery replacement and quick-charging hot swapping.

AMR titan robot

key benefits of titan

Enhanced Maneuverability

Titan robot chassis features advanced ackerman steering configurations in the front and rear, which greatly improve its maneuverability, making it adept at navigating diverse environments.

Smooth Acceleration

The AMR Titan provides smooth acceleration even on difficult driving surfaces like wet, slick, loose, uneven terrain, or steep hills, ensuring consistent performance.

Versatile Applications

The Titan robot is suitable for a wide range of industries, including industrial automation, logistics, environmental monitoring, and scientific research, making it adaptable for various tasks.

tech specs

robot development kits


980mm high

Titan Robot

1550mm long

Titan Robot

710mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 1550 x 980 x 710mm
base weight 280Kg
max payload 300KG
climbing ability 10°

speed and performance

max speed 3m/s
operating temperature


obstacle clearance 120mm
Industrial Robotics

Ackerman Steering Configurations

The AMR Titan is equipped with advanced Ackerman steering configurations in both the front and rear, enhancing its maneuverability and making it highly responsive to navigation commands.

Adaptive Suspension System

Titan’s adaptive front swing arms and rear shock absorbers effectively increase ground load, improving stability and ensuring smooth performance on a variety of challenging terrains.

Battery Compartment Design

AMR Titan’s dual-sided and portable battery compartment simplifies battery maintenance, making it easy to remove and replace batteries as well as enabling quick-charging hot swapping, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.

seamless integration with

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