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GO1 edu

A lightweight quadruped that serves as an educational tool to promote hands-on learning, inspire curiosity in robotics, and develop skills in programming and control systems. It allows users to explore the fundamentals of robotics in a practical and engaging manner.

lightweight quadruped

key benefits of Go1

increased range of motion

The flexible and adaptable joints in Go1 provide advantages such as increased range of motion, energy efficiency, impact absorption, terrain adaptation, obstacle negotiation, and dynamic stability. This enables it to navigate diverse environments, perform complex tasks, and maintain stability and efficiency.

long endurance

A quadruped with long endurance can operate continuously for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent interruptions for recharging or refueling. This translates into increased productivity and efficiency, as the robot can perform tasks for longer durations without downtime.

adaptable and versatile

The reduced weight of Go1 EDU enables it to interact with the environment in versatile ways. It can climb stairs, jump over obstacles, and even perform delicate tasks with precision and control. This versatility makes them adaptable for a wide range of applications, including surveillance, inspection, and assistance in hazardous or inaccessible areas.


tech specs

robot development kits

Lightweight Quadruped

220mm high

Lightweight Quadruped

588mm long

Lightweight Quadruped

290mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 220 x 588 x 290mm
base weight 12kg
max payload 3-5kg
climbing ability <30 °

speed and performance

max speed 3.7m/s
runtime 5 – 6h
obstacle clearance 250mm
Industrial Robotics

super sensing system

Go1 EDU features an advanced set of sensors and technologies that enable enhanced perception and sensing capabilities. It’s designed to provide highly accurate and detailed information about the environment or the object of interest.

Side-Following System

Go1 EDU walks alongside its human master, which is much better than the conventional following mode.

Robust and reliable powertrain

This lightweight quadruped possesses a power system that is designed to deliver consistent and dependable performance even in demanding and challenging conditions.

flexible and adaptive joints

Flexible and adaptable joints in a quadruped robot play a vital role in enabling versatile locomotion, efficient movement, and adaptability to different terrains and obstacles.

seamless integration with

indro and go1

InDro Robotics UAVs and UGVs

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