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b2 robot

A resilient and high-performance quadruped, the B2 robot is built to excel. Boasting an IP67 rating and substantial load-bearing capacity, this full-sized quadruped effortlessly maneuvers through various conditions and terrain. Its robust internal hardware unleashes a wealth of commercial possibilities, making the B2 an innovative solution for a wide range of applications, from automated manufacturing to precision logistics.

b2 robot quadruped

key benefits of b2 robot

Environmental Resilience

With an IP67 rating, the B2 robot is well-protected against dust and can withstand temporary immersion in water, making it suitable for use in challenging and wet environments.

High-Performance Capabilities

With a substantial load capacity and powerful internal hardware, the B2 robot delivers high-performance results. It can handle complex tasks and offers great potential for commercial functionality.

Versatile Applications

The B2 robot is designed for a wide range of applications, from automated manufacturing to precision logistics. Its versatility allows businesses to adapt it to various tasks, increasing operational efficiency and productivity.


tech specs

robot development kits


645mm high

Quadrupeds Canada

1098mm long


450mm wide

size and weight

dimensions (standing) 1098mm x 450mm x 645mm
total weight (battery included) 60kg
max payload 120kg standing, >40kg continuous walking
climbing ability >45°

speed and performance

max speed >6m/s
battery life 4-6h
jump distance > 1.6m
Ingress protection 1p67
Industrial Robotics

ip67 rated

This quadruped boasts an impressive IP67 rating, signifying its resilience in harsh and challenging environments. Designed to withstand dust and temporary immersion in water up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, it’s a rugged and reliable companion for tasks that demand durability and adaptability, whether in industrial settings or outdoor exploration.

high payload

Having a high payload capacity provides the ability to handle heavy loads which opens up possibilities for a wide range of applications across various industries. It improves productivity, efficiency, and safety in tasks that involve heavy lifting, material handling, research, exploration, or specialized operations.

advanced internal hardware

Equipped with powerful internal hardware, the B2 robot offers high-performance capabilities. This hardware enables it to execute complex tasks with precision and efficiency.


The B2 robot is versatile and customizable, making it adaptable to a wide range of applications, from industrial automation to search and rescue missions. Its flexibility and versatility make it a valuable asset for businesses and organizations seeking automation solutions.

seamless integration with

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