hunter se

Hunter SE is an ackermann steering wheeled robot designed for the challenging road conditions and speed requirements of the urban roads. It’s built to drive like cars and trucks for high-speed and heavy payloads. 

Ackermann steering wheeled robot

key benefits of hunter se

high payload capacity

The payload capacity with Hunter SE enhances efficiency, versatility, worker safety, precision, and system integration. It handles heavy objects with ease, contributing to increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved working conditions.

maneuverable and versatile

With the compact size, Hunter SE can navigate through narrow spaces, tight corners, and intricate pathways that may be inaccessible to larger robots or humans. This enables it to operate efficiently in confined areas and perform tasks with precision.

adaptable and scalable

The modular robot design allows for easy reconfiguration and reassembly, enabling the robot to transform based on the specific requirements of a given task. This adaptability makes Hunter SE highly versatile and capable of performing a wide range of functions.

tech specs

robot development kits

Ackermann Steering Robot

310mm high

Ackermann Steering Robot

820mm long

Ackermann Steering Wheeled Robots

640mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 820 x 640 x 310mm
base weight 42kg
max payload 50kg
climbing ability 30° (no load)

speed and performance

max speed 48m/s
runtime 2-3 hours
Industrial Robotics

ultra-compact design

The ultra compact design of Hunter SE has a cutting-edge speed of 4.8m/s, better climbing capability and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Upgraded Power System

Hunter SE has an upgraded power system and in-wheel hub motor technology that can provide a high driving speed of up to 4.8m/s.

modular design

With the modular design and standard CAN interface, Hunter SE can easily be expanded for autonomous driving and commercial robot applications.

modular shock absorption

Hunter SE has a combination of modular shock absorption systems including a swing arm at the front wheel and independent suspension at the back wheel, which enable it to easily go over bumps and climb hills.

seamless integration with

indro and hunter se

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