Bunker is an industrial robot with a tracked UGV system intended for complex outdoor environments with rugged terrain and applications that require a high payload capacity.

industrial robot

key benefits of bunker

high payload capacity

Designed and built to handle and manipulate heavy objects or payloads. Bunker is commonly used in industrial settings, manufacturing, logistics, and other applications where the ability to lift and move substantial loads is required.

rugged ready

The high performance track structure, suspension and shock absorbers make it easy for Bunker to conquer mud and rugged terrain.  It also has the ability to climb slopes and stairs with ease. The tough industrial robot design is perfect for various complex environments.

adaptable and scalable

Bunker is supported with ROS1, ROS2, Python and GAZEBO for simulations.  The slide rails on top allow for quick building with sensors, controls, cameras, etc.  This makes Bunker expandable and adapable for various use cases.

tech specs

robot development kits

AgileX Bunker

400mm high

AgileX Bunker

1023mm long

Industrial Robot

778mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 1023 x 778 x 400mm
base weight 145-150Kg
max payload 80KG
climbing ability 36°

speed and performance

max speed 10km/hr
runtime 5km/hr
obstacle clearance 90mm
Industrial Robotics

differential wire-controlled chassis

Bunker has extremely strong terrain adaptability because of it’s crawler-type differential mechanical mechanism.  This industrial robot features strong load capacity, small mechanical loss and high ingress protection rating.

tough process design

The tough industrial robot design of Bunker make it competent for various complex environments.  Multiple sets of servo motors provide an extremely strong power system and differential rotation ability. The suspension equipped with multiple sets of shock absobers provide extermely strong stability and the integrated forward tilt design brings superior climbing ability.

Multiple-load expansion

Expansion and rapid secondary development is made simple with Bunker.  It can be customized for a variety of advanced operation modes.  Users can communicate with the main control through CAN bus protocol, the open source SDK and ROS Package are also provided.

seamless integration with

indro and bunker

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