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The Ranger Mini 2.0 represents an enhanced iteration of the original Ranger Mini, designed to excel in industrial environments. It introduces a groundbreaking mobile robot characterized by its flexibility, exceptional maneuverability, a remarkable 0-degree turning radius, and the capability to execute seamless 360° in-situ steering. This is made possible through the integration of cutting-edge components, including four 100W harmonic drives and four 350W drive motor control systems.

ranger mini compact robot

key benefits of ranger mini

indoor or outdoor

Ranger Mini offers the advantages of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, streamlined operations, increased efficiency, adaptability, and versatile applications. It is a valuable solution for tasks that require operation in both indoor and outdoor environments, providing optimal performance and functionality across diverse settings.

Maneuverable and simple

Each steering mode offers unique advantages, and the choice of steering mode depends on the specific requirements and constraints of Ranger Mini’s intended application. The appropriate steering mode can enhance maneuverability, stability, control, versatility, and power efficiency, ultimately improving performance and functionality.

continuous operation

With a removable battery, depleted batteries can easily be swapped out for fully charged ones, allowing for continuous operation without extended downtime for recharging. This is particularly beneficial in applications that require uninterrupted or extended periods of use, such as surveillance, cleaning, or industrial automation.


ranger mini technical drawings

robot development kits

Ranger Mini Robot

338mm high

Ranger Mini Robot

738mm long

Ranger Mini Compact Robot

500mm wide

ranger mini specifications

Dimensions 738L x 500H x 338W mm
IEC Ingress Rating  IP54
Weight  63kg
Payload Capacity  80kg
Top Speed  6k/h
Runtime  Up to 8h
Charging Time  1.5h
Operational Temperature Range  -10°C-40°C
Max Climbing Grade  15° (full payload)
Ground Clearance  107mm
Drive Motor  Hall Encoder
Battery  48V 24Ah Lithium
Communication Interface  CAN Bus
Steering  Spin, Traverse, Diagonal, and Ackermann modes
Ranger Mini Compact Robot
AgileX Ranger Mini
Compact Robot Ranger Mini
Compact Robot Ranger Mini

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