A drive-by-wire chassis for indoor AGVs. Highly cost-effective development platform for unmanned delivery and logistics applications.

high speed AGV

key benefits of tracer

highly cost effective

The cost-effectiveness of this high speed AGV often translates into a quicker ROI compared to other automation solutions. The efficiency gains, labour savings, and improved operational productivity contribute to a shorter payback period, making them an attractive investment option.

high speed

Tracer can transport goods and materials at higher speeds, resulting in improved overall throughput and productivity. This AGV can quickly move between different locations, reducing cycle times and increasing the number of tasks completed within a given time frame.

payload capacity

The payload that Tracer can handle means it can transport a wide range of heavy objects, including large components, machinery parts, and equipment. It offers flexibility in material handling operations, allowing for the automation of diverse tasks such as loading and unloading, assembly, palletizing, and machine tending.


tech specs

robot development kits

High Speed AGV

155mm high

AgileX Tracer

685mm long


570mm wide

size and weight

dimensions 685 X 570 X 155mm
base weight 30kg
max payload 100kg
climbing ability <8°

speed and performance

max speed 6km/h
runtime 4h
obstacle clearance 10mm
Industrial Robotics

Two-Wheel Differential

As a two-wheel differential AGV, Tracer has unique advantages with indoor transportation. The small and flexible structure enables it to freely shuttle in various indoor environments and the single handling efficiency has great advantages because of the high payload capacity in combination with the strong power.

flat design

The flat design of Tracer brings extreme carrying capacity. The two-wheel drive puts the universal wheels in motion with the differential rotation and it can freely move in an indoor environment. It is additionally equipped with swing arm independent suspension which allows Tracer to easily overcome small obstacles.

multiple load expansion

Rapid secondary development is made easy with Tracer.  It can be adapted to lightweight operation mode and users can communicate with the main control through CAN bus protocol.  The open source SDK and ROS PACKAGE are also provided.

seamless integration with

indro and Tracer

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