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A professional grade quadruped that is built to withstand demanding environments and perform rigorous tasks.  It has diverse functionality, accessible software packages, dynamic movement and robust payload optionality.


key benefits of aliengo

increased range of motion

The flexible and adaptable joints in AlienGo provide advantages such as increased range of motion, energy efficiency, impact absorption, terrain adaptation, obstacle negotiation, and dynamic stability. This enables it to navigate diverse environments, perform complex tasks, and maintain stability and efficiency.

enhanced depth estimation

Multi-view deep sensing vision harnesses the power of deep learning and multiple viewpoints to improve perception, recognition, and understanding in computer vision applications. It offers advantages in robustness, depth estimation, object recognition, scene understanding, and fault tolerance.

adaptable and versatile

AlienGo features rich external interfaces which offer benefits such as sensor integration, task-specific customization, communication capabilities, modularity, research opportunities, interoperability, and extensibility. These advantages enhance the quadruped’s versatility, adaptability, and integration capabilities, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


tech specs

robot development kits

Quadruped Canada

0.6m high

Unitree Quadruped

0.65m long


0.31m wide

size and weight

dimensions 0.65 x 0.31 x 0.6m
base weight 21.5kg
max payload 13kg
climbing ability <25°

speed and performance

max speed 1.5m/s
runtime 2.5 – 4.6h
Industrial Robotics

multi view deep sensing vision

AlienGo leverages multiple views or perspectives of an environment to improve perception and understanding. It uses deep learning techniques to analyze and extract information from multiple visual inputs.

force control technology

The AlienGo quadruped can realize the full control of 3-axis attitude and position which makes it adaptable for multi-terrain environments.  It can operate with stability on rugged gravel roads and grasslands.

Robust and reliable powertrain

This quadruped possesses a power system that is designed to deliver consistent and dependable performance even in demanding and challenging conditions.

flexible and adaptive joints

Flexible and adaptable joints in a quadruped robot play a vital role in enabling versatile locomotion, efficient movement, and adaptability to different terrains and obstacles.

seamless integration with

indro and AlienGo

InDro Robotics UAVs and UGVs

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