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indro wayfinder

Wayfinder is a UAV built for LTE-based drone delivery applications with a rugged frame to enable many other missions, even in demanding conditions.

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key benefits of wayfinder

payload capacity

Having a 15kg payload capacity in Wayfinder expands the possibilities for commercial and industrial applications. It allows for the transport of larger and heavier payloads, enables more advanced sensors and equipment integration, enhances operational efficiency, and offers scalability for future needs.

high wind resistance

The high wind resistance capability in Wayfinder enhances stability, extends the operational range, improves safety, and ensures reliable data collection in challenging wind conditions. It expands the possibilities for aerial operations in various industries, offering greater flexibility and reliability in demanding environments.

delivery accuracy

The quick release unit is designed to ensure precise payload delivery at the intended location. Payload delivery accuracy is crucial for scalable and automated delivery operations. Drones can be programmed to autonomously navigate to precise coordinates, drop off the payload accurately, and return to the base or proceed with the next delivery.

size and weight

dimensions 2273 diameter unfolded with props x 387 mm high
base weight 5kg
payload capacity 15kg
flight time 50 min


compatibility lte enabled
operating tempurature -30°C min, +50°C max
wind resistance 55km/h
ingress protection ip43
Industrial Robotics

quick release unit

The incorporation of a quick release unit on Wayfinder streamlines the drone delivery process by allowing efficient payload attachment, secure transportation, and precise release at the destination. It enables the drone to autonomously deliver packages or payloads while ensuring safety, accuracy, and reliability throughout the delivery operation.

100-megapixel phase one mapping camera

Drone mapping cameras play a vital role in capturing high-quality aerial imagery for mapping, surveying, and remote sensing applications. Their advanced features, high resolution, geotagging capabilities, and compatibility with post-processing software make them valuable tools for generating accurate maps, models, and valuable insights from aerial data.

LTE enabled

The LTE network abilities provide extended range, reliable connectivity, wide area mobility, improved quality of service, enhanced security, and redundancy. These advantages enable more versatile and robust drone operations, making LTE a suitable option for various applications, including drone delivery, and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

minimal latency

By minimizing latency, a drone can better perceive and react to changes in its surroundings, navigate swiftly, and perform tasks with improved accuracy and precision. It enhances the overall user experience, improves system performance, and enables applications that demand high-speed and time-critical operations.

seamless integration with

indro wayfinder

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