September 2019, Indro Robotics leads successful delivery of simulated blood products to Montreal General Hospital

In a groundbreaking trial, InDro Robotics, a global leader in drone technology, tested their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights in downtown Montreal on Tuesday, September 24, 2019.  The first experiment of its kind in Canada.


The purpose of this experiment was to deliver medical aid via drones in a simulated emergency to the rooftop of the Montreal General Hospital (MGH) of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). Working alongside the Indro Robotics team was Dr. Valérie Homier, emergency physician at the MUHC, and other collaborators in trialing this experiment.

The County of Renfrew Paramedic Service in Ontario also participated in this study. The County previously worked with Indro Robotics in becoming the first responder paramedic service in Canada with the most experience using UAVs.

Throughout its existence, InDro Robotics has accumulated thousands of flight hours and has collaborated with leading bodies such as Transport Canada, Canadian Space Agency, and NASA. The firm works to develop new equipment and technologies which will expand the uses for UAVs in different areas for different purposes.


“We were selected because the area contained complex air space, which means there’s helicopters and aircraft flying around there. They needed a real tried and tested operator, which was us,” said Philip Reece, President and CEO of InDro Robotics Inc.


[The experiment] required a lot of complexity and a lot of collaboration with people who don’t usually work together. We had the experience [of working with Indro Robotics] from a prior research project, so that really created a climate of safety and confidence in the team because we know them, and we know how they operate,” said Dr. Valérie Homier of MUHC.