Robosense BPearl LiDAR

The Robosense BPearl LiDAR is known for its Hemispherical Super Wide Field of View (FOV) and Short-range Blind Spot detection capabilities. Unlock unprecedented levels of precision and safety for autonomous vehicles and industrial applications. Revolutionize perception and navigate confidently in complex environments.


  • Unique FoV designed for near-field blind-spots detection
  • Ultra-wide field of view (360°Horizontal FoV,Hemispherical FoV)
  • ≤10cm Blind-spot detection area
  • Stable and reliable design for operating vehicle


# of Lines 32 Laser Wavelength 905nm
Laser Safety Class 1 eye safe Blind Spot ≤0.1m
Range 100m(30m@10% NIST)  Range Accuracy(Typical) ±1cm
Horizontal FoV 360° Vertical FoV 90°
Horizontal  Resolution 0.1°/0.2°/0.4° Vertical Resolution 2.81°
Frame Rate 5Hz/10Hz/20Hz Rotation Speed 300/600/1200rpm (5/10/20Hz)
Points Per Second 576,000pts/s(Single Return)   1,152,000pts/s(Dual Return)  UDP Packet include Spatial Coordinates, Intensity, Timestamp, etc.
Ethernet Connection 100Base-TX Output UDP packets over Ethernet
Operating Voltage 9V – 32V Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +60°C
Power Consumption 12W Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
Ingress Protection IP67、IP6K9K Time Synonization $GPRMC with 1PPS, PTP&gPTP
Dimension φ100mm *  H111 mm Weight (without cabling) ~0.89 kg

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