4D LiDAR (L1 PM and L1 RM)


The top-of-the-line 4D LiDAR generates a point cloud density of approximately 1.5 million points/s. At speeds of up to 200 km/h (55 m/s), the corresponding point cloud density is only 27,000 points/s when traveling 1 meter (and this is in scenarios that involve personal safety). L1 PM for precision measurement and L1 RM for remote measurement.

Product features

  • 360º x 90º Ultra wide angle scanning
  • 0.5m Near blind spot
  • 30m @90% Reflectivity
  • 21 600 points/s Effective frequency
  • 230g Weight
  • 75x75x65mm Compact size
  • Highly transparent object detection (glass)
  • Anti-ambient light


  • Dynamic scanning of the whole area.
  • Non-repetitive static scanning.
  • Close range dynamic scanning.