InDro Robotics has partnered with best-in-class robot manufactures, AgileX Robotics.

Founded in 2016, AgileX Robotics is a leading robot chassis manufacturer and mobile robot system solution provider in China. AgileX Robotics has developed mobile robot chassis products such as unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), indoor small autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) and modified wire-controlled electric robots. These devices can serve in security and industrial inspections, agricultural irrigation, logistics and transportation, detection and exploration, scientific research and education.

InDro Robotics, AgileX partner on ground robots

Together, InDro Robotics and AgileX are  developing and distributing these UGVs in North America.

This partnership is a momentous step for InDro Robotics, as AgileX’s platform is a perfect fit for robotics research. This opens the door to further applications, including integrated sky and ground robotics, indoor/outdoor data acquisition, mapping, path planning, and teleoperation.


AgileX ground robots a perfect match for InDro Robotics

“The technology that we have been developing with clients on the drone side has provided us with breakthroughs and industry firsts, many of these clients also have environments that a robust ground robot would be well suited for, be it tele-operated, automated or working in unison with the drone. As such we called upon an established partner of ours — AgileX Robotics — to provide us with a reliable base to build upon, allowing us to rapidly add our technology to theirs and bring to market new solutions,” said Philip Reece, President and CEO of InDro Robotics.

Currently, both companies are continuing to work on advancing Robot Operation Systems (ROS) and creating solutions to simplify the development of complex robot behavior throughout a vase range of robotic platforms


InDro Robotics, AgileX offer SCOUT MINI R&D platform

One of these platforms is the R&D KIT, a fully integrated solution for robotics research and development with AgileX Robotics’ SCOUT MINI platform. The R&D Kit includes with a full suite of sensors to support indoor SLAM, navigation and vision based applications, as well as a powerful NVIDIA Jetson Nano computer comes pre-installed with Linux and ROS ubuntu 18.4. 

The SCOUT MINI R&D kit accelerates robotics applications and research by eliminating the need to design, manufacture and integrate a complex robotic system. 

The Ranger Mini is another highly successful platform developed by AgileX Robotics. The Ranger Mini is a new Omni-directional UGV that is based on the new four-wheel and four-turn control theory. The product adopts an independent drive module design with integrated drive and steering. It includes a number of flexible driving modes and combing powerful maneuverability and flexibility that will bring more possibilities for mobile robot platforms for different applications.

“The Ranger Mini is a very new and special technique that we use for mobile robots, and you can never find this type of product in other parts of the world. Through working on this with InDro Robotics, I believe that we can easily see these products in the North American markets,” said Brand Xue, Lead of Global Sales & Marketing at AgileX Robotics.

“InDro Robotics is the bridge that can bring our latest and best technology mobile robots into the North American market.”