We Provide a Full-Range of Unmanned Aerial, Water & Land Services

With a range of mission-specific sensor packages to address the unique needs of the globe’s most complex issues.

Our team of expert drone and manned aviation pilots, PhD’s, GIS/IT professionals, engineers, and other specialists are key to deploying effective unmanned services – along with a network of partners designed to further compliment our in-house skill set.

InDro Robotics Comprehensive Training Programs

Certified Training Solutions

Go Beyond Takeoff & Landing

Course #: 15CO01
Duration: 32 Hours
Location(s): Salt Spring Island, BC
(More locations coming soon, on-site custom training also available)

This course is designed to take you from zero UAV time to a Transport
Canada recognized compliant pilot certificate, launching your unmanned
piloting career.

Course #: 16GIS02

Duration: 62 Hours

Location(s): Salt Spring Island, BC
(More locations coming soon, on-site custom training also available)

Beyond the skills required to safely pilot UAVs, understanding the flight
patterns and procedures required to capture usable data from UAVs is key
to commercial success. This course includes knowledge on effective ground
control points, photogrammetry requirements, and nadir/oblique flight
planning, leading to a successful data capture, processing, and analysis of
data from UAVs.

Course #: 16SSEMS01

Duration: 22.5 Hours

Location(s): Salt Spring Island, BC
(More locations coming soon, on-site custom training also available)

This course is focused on enabling emergency responders to leverage
UAVs as a key and powerful new tool across a range of scenarios.


Course #: 16REGC03
Duration: 22 Hours
Location(s): Salt Spring Island, BC
(More locations coming soon, on-site custom training also available)

Designed to go beyond the information presented in the compliant pilot
course, this training package digs deeper into the current Canadian
regulatory environment for UAV use. The knowledge presented will support
any operators looking to move beyond operating under a basic ‘exemption’
and into more challenging and complex environments.

Please contact us for design-build training plan. We can host in a preferred location. For example, we can provide training in non-standard sensor or UAV systems, or challenging environments.

Providing product training in non-standard sensor systems or UAV systems, or hands-on training in challenging environments.

How We Can Help You


By offering our clients and partners a wide range of unmanned services and support, we are able to custom fit the right technologies and engagement model to each project or opportunity. We never forget that it’s the information that’s important – we work backwards from your needs to confirm the sensor and unmanned system that will best capture the required data.

Our approach generally falls into two overarching categories:

We Operate       or       You Operate
(Full Service)                    (Support)       

With the ability for our clients to move between offerings seamlessly.


We Operate

(Full Service)

We offer full-service unmanned data capture, processing, analysis, and presentation using our operators and data specialists. We are able to tailor the data to whatever format you require, and offer a range of value-added data analysis abilities to ensure that you receive timely, actionable information not just raw data that is difficult to interpret.


Hybrid Models

Deploy as in-house unmanned capacity, with operators leveraging our comprehensive flight/operating approvals and insurance coverage.


You Operate


As organizations become more comfortable with unmanned technologies, often a business case develops to perform some services in-house. As this occurs, InDro Robotics is able to offer a range of support services including compliant UAV training, hardware/software sales, maintenance support, consulting for flight approvals and government aviation approvals, custom R&D development, and more. We are also able to offer hybrid models where operators can fly under our insurance and approvals, greatly simplifying and reducing the cost of deploying an in-house unmanned capability.

Our Robots:

Specialized Equipment
Custom-built UAV,UGV & USV’s
State of the Art Sensors
Specialized Cameras
Payload Droppers 

Custom R&D Robotics


Please contact us for a design-build training plan and to discuss preferred training locations. 


We Pilot UAV’s, UGV’s & USV’s

  • Qualified, Experienced Pilots for Hire
  • Extended Permission in North America, incl. BVLOS

  • Flight in Complex Airspace and Over People

  • Stellar Safety Record

  • Experienced, Market-Leading Pilots

  • Speed & Accuracy


Data Processing

  • Orthomosaic
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Programming Thermography


  • Basic Flight Standard courses
  • Flight principles
  • Regulatory courses
  • Weather
  • Flight Control
  • Licensed
  • Advanced
  • Certification


  • Annual Review of Log Books
  • SOP, SMS
  • Updates of Manuals

Maintenance & Service 

  • Products 100 hours – 6-month
  • service check 200 hours – 12 months
  • service check Custom service check

Certification & Validation

  • Third Party Equipment
  • Transport Canada Approved
  • CSA Standards



Let’s Disucss Your Project & See How Our Full Range Of Products Can Benefit Your Needs 

Industries That Benefit From Our Services


Agriculture & Vegetation Management


Infrastructure Monitoring


3D Imaging & Site Surveying


Construction Monitoring


Disaster Planning


Search & Rescue


Roadway Mapping


Traffic Scan









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