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Agriculture/Vegetation Management

Utilizing RPAS and their accompanying payload and ground technologies, allow early identification of crop stresses, disease, pests, infestations and environmental conditions enabling rapid response to mitigate loss and in many cases the data can be used for prediction mapping across an entire growing area, before concerns become losses. Drones and their applications are quickly becoming an indispensable tool for making crop management decisions and optimizing farm management.


    Infrastructure Monitoring

    InDro Robotics  provides highly advanced infrastructure monitoring, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and unique sensor packages to provide in-depth data and insights on difficult to access structures

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    Site Monitoring

    remotely piloted and tethered drones can provide a new level of monitoring and security enabling complete data to be captured in high res day or night, time stamping allows change detection and combined with volumetric measurements can allow a full record for inventory tracking and accounting.



      Construction Monitoring

      Remotely piloted and tethered drones are ideal for monitoring sites, providing frequent and on-demand snapshots for progress reporting, volumetric stockpiles, equipment inventory and gathering data for structural integrity of pours and elevations

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      Disaster Planning

      Across the globe, the face of disaster responses is changing. More and more countries are adopting different technologies to help them in urgent situations, one of the most disruptive innovations is the use of drones. Pre-planning and mapping can be carried out quickly and efficiently on scales unachievable by satellite or manned aircraft. On scene evaluation, subject search, delivery of aid and even set up of radio relay and temporary cell communications can be provided by UAVs.


      Search and Rescue

      First Responders working in fires, floods, hostage situations and more, are increasingly recognizing Drones for their use as aiding and working alongside emergency missions. Their size, speed, agility and cost make them efficient and cost-effective. Unmanned vehicles can be sent into potentially dangerous or hostile situations, to bring back key information, beyond much needed situational awareness UAV can identify post fire hotspots, heat map of a building, spectral signatures or gas composition for hazardous assessment. Emergency services can benefit from this time-saving information at a critical time, allowing them to better use their own expertise and resources and potentially save them from jeopardizing their safety.


      Roadway Mapping

      InDro Robotics UAVs equipped with a selection of sensors including; high res RGB, LIDAR, real time kinematic (RTK) global navigation satellite system (GNSS), can increase accuracy and reduce survey time. Using sUAVs for the data acquisition results in saving significant costs but also improving the safety of the survey team. Using InDro data share ability, information can be collected on site, processed and inspected via the cloud, enabling engineers to carry out tasks without repeat visits to site. 

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        Traffic Scan

        UAV Monitoring and collection of traffic data from an airborne platform provides the ability to cover large areas in detail. Drone sensors provide information rich data that our AI (artificial intelligence) can mine for vehicle type, location, movement monitoring, speed, densities and gate counting. With the addition of the InDro tether data can be collected over multiple days. 



          Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems are already having a positive impact on the health of the planet in so many ways; climate research, monitoring for green house gas emissions, early detection of wildfire hazardous, seed drops for planting, wildlife counts, pollution response and environmental reparation validation.  

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          InDro Robotics, Talos is the ideal marine platform for general survey missions. The large, accessible wet bay allows for one vessel to carry multiple mission profiles through simple adapting couplers. The vessel is powered through twin motors operating in skid steer mode, allowing for improved control in tight quarters and reduced mechanical systems. Both RC and autonomous options are available as part of the standard product package. Toggling between modes can be done on the flight without interrupting autonomous  waypoints. Autonomous missions can be monitored and modified through the shore station or vessel based telemetry link. Video streaming is also available.

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          The use of UAV’s in mining optimizes productivity, while reducing costs and increasing safety. Indro drones allow operators to access up-to-date information and imagery to more effectively manage production, land and assets. We perform scheduled site surveys with aerial data collection to monitor an operation.

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          Government use of UAVs has outstripped all expectations to become an important operational tool across many governmental organizations, as equipment becomes more relevant to their specific needs. Beyond the early adopters of Search & Rescue, Police and Fire and into Emergency Management, infrastructure monitoring, disaster preparedness and city planning.

          Counter UAV and detection, has been recognized as an imperative as new threats and concerns arrive along with the new technology. As such InDro Robotics have a dedicated division committed to safe and responsible use of counter UAV technology.