Multiple Sensors and Data Gathering

Multiple Sensors and Data Gathering

Revolutionized Aerial Photography

With our high resolution (>20MP if required) 4K video, paired with our zoom of 30x, optical images can be captured like never before. This amazing technology paired with our UAV’s creates unparallelled situational awareness and unique viewpoints. 


3D Photogrammetry Mapping

With a visual camera, aimed directly downward, our UAV’s capture a series of still photos covering a geo-tagged area of interest with location information. We then use the artistic science of making measurements from theses 2D images, (photogrammetry) to create a detailed and highly accurate 3D model of the area. Based on this 3D model, high resolution, geo-referenced, orthorectified images can be generated as well as digital surface models. Additional Sensors may be added, including thermal, hyper and multi Spec to provide overlaid data and additional insights.Post-processing can include the addition of surveyed ground control points for further spatial accuracy, or using the DSM to generate volumetric information, not to mention importing the data into GIS systems for a wide range of value-added analysis. 


3D Monitoring  - Single Object

While very similar to 3D Photogrammetry Mapping, UAV’s can also be used to fly in a circular/corkscrew pattern around a single object of interest to create a highly detailed 3D model (e.g. buildings, utility/cell towers, other infrastructure, etc.) Using this model, virtual inspection, management, design, planning or other modelling services may be performed.


Custom Applications

The sky is literally the limit! UAV’s are simply, a new remote sensing platform, able to integrate in a host of innovative sensor packages on a wide range of applications. Thermal sensors provide the ability to perform energy audits,have applications in agriculture, structural inspections and even in sub-surface infrastructure locations.  Multispectral and hyperspectral sensors can offer key advantages in precision agriculture and mineral exploration. Magnetometers may be integrated on UAV’s providing key data for resource exploration or general research. Radio frequency (RF) tracking devices can assist with wildlife management, etc.